Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Since living in Sacramento for the past 5 years with my husband and two young daughters I have learned one main thing - Sacramento is close to many cool places!!!!! We live in the ultimate jumping off spot for great day trips, quick weekend get aways or amazing extended family vacations. I anxiously await each weekend when my husband has a few days off and the girls are free from school to set out on a new adventure. I spend much of my free time scouring the internet, browsing through friends blogs and FB pages and or reading the paper to find out about upcoming events or just new places we haven't explored yet all usually within just a few minutes to a few hours drive from our front door. The opportunities never seem to dry up and I find it a thrilling challenge to come up with fresh ideas each week. Many of my friends have commented on our outings and asked questions ranging from how do you get there, to how did the kids do or most commonly, how did you find out about this place/event? I love to give out the details so all can enjoy all that this amazing region has to offer. I am also more than willing to fill people in on our pitfalls and what we would do different next time because as many of you know getting out with two young ones can be a challenge and an adventure all in itself. 

So with no further ado I would like to introduce you to my new blog "Sactrippers." I plan on coming here often and updating all of you on our many trips and follow up activities that I create for my family. I hope you enjoy coming here and getting a few new ideas or passing some of your great tips and trips on to me - I always love to hear about new ideas and places!!!!
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