Thursday, November 5, 2009

Balmy Street Murals

One of my favorite places to take the kids in San Francisco is to the mission neighborhood. Not only can we eat great (for relatively cheap) but we can also stop off at one of my favorite places for murals - Balmy Street. Anywhere and everywhere you look in the Mission you will find murals but on this small alley located between 24th and 25th streets just south of Folsom you will find a whole bunch of bright and vibrant murals all packed into one small space. I love to take my girls here periodically and just let them walk and observe. Many of the murals are political and it always leads to my girls asking some very interesting questions, which then leads to very interesting conversations on our car trips home - I Love It!!! Mostly my girls focus on the bright colors, designs and beauty of the murals. Usually we are energized to create our own murals when we get home - using sidewalk chalk on the driveway. I find that we come back to this place over and over and each time we see something different. If you are interested on finding out more about the murals Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center on 24th street is a great place to stop by. Not only do they have a ton of information on the murals but they also offer walking tours throughout the neighborhood.

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