Monday, November 23, 2009

Jelly Belly Factory

We have driven past the sign for the Jelly Belly Factory a thousand times each time we head home from the Bay Area and each time I think to myself - we should really check that place out. Well today was finally the day we decided to pull off in Fairfield and check out the home of the most famous jelly bean.
The girls and I arrived at the factory around 1:00 and went right for the tour. We had about a 25 minute wait which wasn't bad. The lobby area was exciting enough to keep the girls entertained during that time, any longer and they might have been not quite so thrilled. Here is a picture of us with our super cool Jelly Belly hats on which you MUST wear in order to take the tour. Beyond this point no cameras were aloud, I guess they don't want any of their extra secret recipes or methods to get out of the building. The tour itself lasted about 40 minutes. It was interesting to learn about the history of the company and the process one must go through to make a jelly bean. All of the conveyor belts, machines, boxes and jelly beans being wooshed around the plant was what kept the girls excited and of course the taste testing along the way. Another highlight were the many jelly bean art pieces scattered throughout the building. Famous people and icons made out of a mosaic of jelly beans - very cool

After the tour we headed to the sample bar (my favorite part) where we could try any flavor we wanted - NO LIMITS!!! The girls thought this was the best and they had a great time picking out the different colors and tastes.

Lastly we hit the shop where we purchased WAY too much. Here is a little tip *** Don't spend all of your money at the main store where everything is full price. Instead stop by the discount store located near the side entry door for some extra good deals. We were able to get much more for our money here.
I would say this place is worth a visit. Especially if you are driving through the area already - I would suggest you take a little pit stop and stop off for a quick tour and some treats. Although they do offer tours most days I have heard it is better to go on a weekday and or non holiday when the factory is actually in operation. It seems like it was half the fun actually seeing the machines running.
Now I must go and try to get my overly sugared kids to bed - this could be a long night!!!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous place to take the kids! We, too, keep thinking about going there. Once my kids hear about your visit they will definitely want to plan ours!

  2. Hi Heidi,
    It is so fun to hear from you on here. Your family is so cute and it looks like you are all so happy. You should take the kids to the Jelly Belly factory - they will love it!