Friday, February 12, 2010

More Valentine Fun

It is amazing all of the fun things that are out there on the internet to do with the kiddos. Some are brilliant new ideas and others are fun ideas that you forgot about years ago. This was one of those projects that I used to do as a kid with my mom but totally forgot about it until I found it here. Basically you take fresh carnations, recut the stem to the length you want, place them in water, pour food coloring into the water and lastly watch the flowers change to that color. Not only do you end up with beautiful and colorful flowers but it is a science experiment too!!!!

My little ones thoroughly enjoyed doing this project. We did it the night before their Valentine parties at school so they could take them in for their whole class to enjoy. We also sent some home with the neighbor kids and placed a big bouquet on our dinner table. Simple, easy and fun - now that is my kind of a project :)

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