Monday, February 1, 2010


So I have started using the Nike plus for the iphone and I LOVE IT. I found out about it through a friend at the gym. I came home later that night and described it to my husband with more enthusiasm than you can imagine and his response was; "oh yay I knew about that." What? He knew about this and didn't even tell me? Crazy I tell ya, crazy!!
Anyway it is this little chip like thing that fits into a specific Nike shoe (which I choose not to wear but that is o.k. because I found this cute little pouch that attaches to MY shoe of choice on the internet) and it tracks your pace, time, and distance through your iphone or ipod and best of all it talks to you throughout the run - Awesome!!! When you hook your phone up to your computer it then transfers all of your data onto the Nike+ webpage. It is here that you can create challenges with other runners, set goals for yourself, have a trainer plan a strategy for you and much much more. I have to say this is genius! I have so far found it to be highly motivating and super fun, I am currently in the process of setting up mileage challenges with two friends in Utah and Colorado. If anyone out there is using this product and wants to set up some kind of a challenge, let me know - it could be fun!!!!

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