Saturday, May 29, 2010

Presidio Habitats

"Patience" by Jensen Architects is one of the installatio... Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle
I came across this article on SF Gate about a new art installation in the Presidio called "Presidio Habitats". Here is an excerpt about it from the article:
The grassland and urban forest between the start and finish is scattered with 10 installations in what amounts to the first-ever site-specific art exhibition in a national park. The show, which took two years to plan and nearly $1 million to construct, is free, a gift from the For-Site Foundation, a San Francisco nonprofit dedicated to the making and understanding of art about place.
Most of the artwork is along trails and among the tall grass and dense cypress, down in the hollows and up in the trees. Each piece represents the artist's response to the preferences of an "animal client" that either lives in the Presidio or did.

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This looks amazing!!! If you want to see it you should make sure to stop by sometime soon, as stated in the article it will be removed after only one year.

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