Sunday, January 16, 2011


Are you familiar with the oversized letters in front of California Adventure that spell out CALIFORNIA? Ever since the first time we took Abi to Disneyland we have been taking her picture in the large A and now all of our family members in their corresponding letters - it's been our tradition. On our first day in the park this month we noticed a lot of people taking pictures of this Disneyland monument, I mean A LOT!!! Wow we thought, we are not the only ones who have this tradition. Upon walking over to take our shots I had a man approach me and ask if I would take his picture with the big letter C. Sure I said, does your name start with C? He replied no and said he wanted his picture taken with every letter before they took them down. What? Take them down? Yes, he replied, haven't you heard? Today is the last day and then they come down - that's why everyone is taking these pictures, it was in the paper. Oh no I thought this will be our last installment of letter pictures - kind of sad :( So with no further ado here are our last CALIFORNIA letter pictures, I hope you enjoy :

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