Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why the bus?

Why do I use a VW bus as the main design on my blog? Easy - when I was young my family and I only had one car and it was a big orange VW bus. My parents were really into road trips and we found ourselves tooting all over California and the North West in that bus. I have quite a few memories from my childhood in that bus, most fond some not so fond. My brother and I would fight in the back of that bus using the seat belts as our swords (that's what they were made for right?), my Dad was a pro at driving that huge stick shift even when the clutch went out (I still remember popping wheelies when we would take off from a dead stop), and my mom would collect, collect,collect on each of our extended trips (notice the piles of wood roped down to the roof). So here I find myself with my own family in the wilds of California with a modern day bus of our own, the minivan. Granted it is a little less funky and a lot more reliable but we love it all the same and the many adventures we find ourselves taking in it. They say that history repeats itself and with this piece of my past I believe it is true. Only now it is my two girls in the back fighting (using their dolls as swords), it is me collecting along the way, and it is my fearless husband driving us all those countless miles. So cheers to road trips and busses, whether they come in the form of a VW or a Honda Odyssey.

My brother and me waiting in the car ferry line heading over to the Vancuver Islands circa 1980......ish

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  1. Nice. never saw the orange bus but I do remember the red bus.
    Colin S.