Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Betsey Johnson to the Delta

On Saturday we drove to Walnut Creek for a little shopping. I finally got a Betsey Johnson dress (a life long dream) to wear to Forever in Pink Prom - so excited!!!!!! After lunch we headed to a wonderful old ranch in the area to let the kids explore and to do a little hiking. It is called Old Borges Ranch, if you are in the area I suggest you check it out. Lastly we took a back way home on Highway 12 winding through the California Delta and stopped in Lodi for a lovely dinner at Rosewood Bar and Grill on School Street. It was an unplanned day in beautiful Northern California and it turned out perfect. As we were driving along the river during a spectacular sunset my husband said to me, " I love living here, you can go shopping at Betsy Johnson one minute then find yourself stepping back in time in the Delta the next minute." I totally agree, we are so lucky to live this close to so many amazing places.

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