Saturday, February 12, 2011

Momiji Doll

I love, love, love these little Momiji Dolls and so do my girls. We found ours at a cute Japanese book store in Southern California but you can buy them online here too. The dolls are small, sturdy and adorable but the best part is the little piece of folded paper that slips in the bottom of each doll for a wish or a love note. A love note? How wonderful! A love note for your favorite Valentine- don't you think that would be the perfect gift? I know I do.

The boxes they are packaged in are almost as fabulous as the doll itself!

Currently my girls use them in our newly remodeled doll house but I kind of like them on display in little nooks and crannies throughout the house. I think I might need to add a few more of these little lovelies to my wish list :)

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