Friday, October 9, 2009

Do You Boo?

Every October we get a fun surprise at our door in the form of a Boo. My girls always seem to know the minute the bell rings that it is a Boo ring. They race to the door and try with all of their might to get outside in time to catch whoever it is that is leaving the special little halloween treat on our door. And although they adore the surprise itself I believe that they enjoy even more the delivering of a Boo to others on our street. We ponder long and hard over the contents of the gift, the package that it should be delivered in, and who oh yes who we should pick to Boo. After much debating we always come up with the perfect gift, the perfect people to surprise and the perfect stealth outfit to wear on our mission. Once it is dark we head out into the spooky fall night, place the Boo on an unsuspecting doorstep, ring, giggle and RUN! Then the best part - we hide behind some bushes and watch as our neighbors open the door and try to find us. They never do of course because we are so sneaky. Oh what fun!!! Lastly we head back home and talk about how close it was, and how they will never guess it was us, and who we will Boo next year.
If you would like to start a little Boo action on your street then go here to get all of the details. It is a great tradition to start and one that I am sure your kids will love just as much as ours.

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