Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Tree Project

Here is a fun project to do with the kids to welcome the Fall season. Make a Fall tree to display somewhere in your house:

Here is how:

Step 1. Collect twigs or small branches. We found ours in an apple orchard.

Step 2. Use air dry clay to form a base, or trunk, for the tree. I used Crayola Air Dry Clay.

Step 3. Place 5 or 6 of the branches in the clay trunk. Make sure to mold the clay around them so they will remain stuck in the trunk once it is dry.

Step 4. Paint the trunk brown

Step 5. Either buy silk leaves (I found ours in the dollar section at Target) or collect and press your own leaves.

Step 6. Use a quick drying adhesive to attach the leaves to the branches. I used glue dots because of the ease of application for the younger kids.

Step 7. Let dry and then enjoy!


  1. Looks fun! Might have to do that with Drake!

  2. This is awesome. We are so going to try this!!!