Monday, October 5, 2009

Scarecrow Days

GREAT IDEA: Start Scarecrow Days on your street!

Our entry

After a rather large cup of coffee earlier last month (it seems I get all of my good ideas after a cup of Peet's coffee) I came up with the idea of having our street make scarecrows and display them in front yards throughout the month of October. So I put my plan into action and believe it or not it worked! Our street is now lined with originally themed Scarecrows of all sizes and shapes and it looks oh so adorable and festive. If you would like to give this a shot in your neighborhood then read below on some ideas on how to make it happen. Plus check out my pics of the scarecrows on our street.

1. Send out a flyer.
I put together a simple flyer asking each house to build their own scarecrow of any size or shape and display it in their front yard on Sat. Oct. 3rd. My girls and I walked the street leaving a flyer on each doorstep and answering any questions people had.
2. Add some websites for inspiration.
I encouraged people to look online to learn how to build scarecrows and for creative theme ideas. It is amazing all of the information that is out there. Here are just a few websites I found:

3. Build your scarecrow. Here are a few pictures from the day we built our scarecrow:

4. Wait for the big reveal day! Half the fun was waiting for the big day to arrive. All the kids on the street, and a few of the parents too, were so excited to put out their scarecrows and see everyone else's creations. The day ended up being such fun with the entire street primping and perfecting their own scarecrow while taking numerous walks around the block checking everyone else's out. I think this is a tradition that we will hold onto for awhile around here. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

Here are some of the fabulous entries:

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