Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Minute Rainy/Crazy Day Activity

I keep a box of easy to use craft supplies in our loft above our garage. I purchase them as I see them and then tuck them away for a rainy day (or a I'm going crazy day) activity. Recently I had such a day and even though it was sunny and nice out I still had to pull from my go to box because we were all going a little crazy around here. My girls went nuts with these few simple supplies that I put out:

Foam in the shape of heads
Googly Eyes
Popsicle sticks

They proceeded to make a head puppet replicating each of their friends at school and then went on to create a puppet show. Lucky me, not only did I get to take in a matinee show but I also was able to avoid an afternoon of fighting and melt downs while we waited for Dad to come home.

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