Monday, December 7, 2009

Dynamo Donut

For those of you who know my amazing husband you know that he has a huge sweet spot for donuts. Wherever we go he is always on the lookout for the best or most unique donut that he can find. For quite some time now he has been wanted to try Dynamo Donut out in San Francisco. He has been researching, reading up on, finding bus routes to and dreaming about this place for many a months now. This last trip into the city he insisted, I MEAN INSISTED that we travel to the mission neighborhood and try this joint out. Now you will get his opinion on the place and a few pictures to go along with it. Here for the first time ever on Sactrippers is a guest blog entry for you all to enjoy by non other than the fabulous Dr. Russell:

As Chelsea stated, I do enjoy baked goods.... so its hard for me to turn down a good donut. A few years ago I watched an episode of "Throwdown! with Bobby Flay" when he challenged theDoughnut Plant in New York City. It was a hard fought match but in the end the trademarked "tres leches" donut from the Doughnut Plant came out on top. Since then I've been obsessed with going there, but I haven't made my way back there yet. I decided to look for spots a little closer to us and ended up reading a few online reviews about Dynamo Donut in San Francisco.

During our recent trip to San Francisco I set a little time aside first thing in the morning to take the girls down to the Mission to get some hot donuts! Upon arrival we waited a bit as the line was steady at the walk up counter. You basically order your donuts and coffee from the counter to go or to eat on the street. The staff was listening to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin as we ordered about about 7 or 8 donuts for the 3 of us. The main donut I had my eye on was themaple glazed apple bacon which did not disappoint. We also sampled the chocolate spice,vanilla bean and the carmel de sel. The donuts were well worth the wait, as was the coffee. The girls hot chocolates also came complete with the steamed milk contoured on the top in the shape of a heart, just like on their webpage. I'm looking forward to our next visit to San Francisco so we can sample several of the other delicious looking donuts at Dynamo Donut!


  1. Oh man, this is so timely. I just sat in the car with my pregnant belly and texted my husband that I wanted a donut. I don't think I've eaten one in at least 7 years. Next time I'm in the city...

  2. When in the bay area you must check out and Mount Tamalpais if you haven't already discovered them.

    Two of my favorite spots.

    Both are just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and a short distance up Hwy 1. The Richmond-San Rafael bridge will also get you there without having to go all the way to Frisco.


  3. That first one was supposed to say Muir Woods with the link embedded.


  4. BB2 - thanks for the recommendations. We used to live in San Francisco and actually used to hang out at those two spots quite often. We have not taken the kids to either yet but look forward to in the near future :)