Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

So we celebrated the Winter Solstice last night for the first time in our house. We kept it simple and quiet, reflective and fun. My girls really enjoyed it and woke up this morning still talking about it. Although we had a few very chaotic moments in our house last night we at least had this peaceful moment to come together as a family, celebrate the sun and daylight hours, talk about what is currently working for us, and to announce hopes and dreams for the future year to come.

This was the dinner I made for the kids. I just found stuff we already had and plated it to look like a sun. So simple but they totally ate it up!

We read this book and talked about what Winter Solstice really is and how people for centuries have celebrated.

We each lit a candle and announced what we wish for our family in the coming year. I made a simple sun to write our wishes down on and placed it on our fridge to remind us. If you look closely Coco stated that she didn't want any of us to end up with TV heads because of too much television :)

Lastly I made a sun cake out of stuff we already had in the house. I am pretty sure this was everyones favorite part of the evening.

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