Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

Last night we had some friends over to exchange books with the kids, eat dinner and then drive up to a favorite spot for looking at Christmas lights. Unfortunately the night didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. My kids seemed extra amped up, screaming - slamming doors and ripping through the wrapping paper without even really noticing what was inside. My oldest was all out of wack and ended up throwing a huge fit (she is much too old for this) right when we arrived at the lights. Then once we finally got everyone calmed down, out of the cars, clothed in warm jackets and out to see the lights it started to rain!!! Oh joy!
Regardless, today is a new day and also a very special day - Winter Solstice. I feel like after last night my family needs to reconnect in a more simple and calm way. Something quiet, reflective and peaceful. A story, a craft and sitting by the fire lighting candles for the shortest day of the year. I hope that this will bring us all back down to earth and help us to remember what this time of year is truly about.
Wish us luck!!!!

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  1. The kids book exchange is an awesome idea. That would be a great way to get "new" books and keep things fresh for the kids in both families without having to buy new books. Too bad the light-seeing didn't go as planned. Such is life, right? :) Especially with kids! They are so unpredictable!