Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning Run/Bike Ride

This morning the girls rode their bikes around the neighborhood while I ran along beside them. This was a huge moment for us. I have seen moms in our area doing this for years and I have been longing to do it myself for quite sometime. But for some reason my children have never been into bike riding. Lindsay and I have been trying for the longest time to convince these girls that riding bikes is awesome and freeing and just plain fun but to no avail. Then finally about two months ago they got it and now there is no stopping them. Then this morning I decided to give the run/ride a try and low and behold it worked, it really worked - woot, woot!

Riding around one of the lakes in our hood.

Abi not looking too happy while riding but I promise she was in pretty good spirits for the ride.

Coco leading the way.

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